About us

An electronic periodical publication that brings to the forefront feracious ideas in Philosophy, Arts, Sciences, Letters and more.

Kerannume∗ is a response to a pressing demand: the resolution of those contradictions and problems within the social reproduction of life that keep us trapped in a thanatophoric∗∗ vertigo of barbarity and stasis. The periodical emergence of some sort of renewal, development and progress is fundamentally fictitious. Its purpose, wittingly or not, becomes the preservation of things as they are. The new is enveloped in the habits of the old.

Keranumme positions itself at the forefront of the struggle against this violent repression of the creative and productive powers of man. Its purpose is to propose objective, practical and immediately materialisable frameworks and solutions that will propel us forward and away from the current state of things—capitalism. It aims to inspire the creation of the tools we need to build once and forever the ‘kingdom of freedom’.

Kerannume will publish and welcomes material that takes a position and points to a specific direction. The only condition for publication is that its direction points beyond the current impasse.

Kerannume is a website where you will find biannually published articles, essays, research papers, book excerpts, short stories and films, textual analyses, poems, photographs, videos and many more. We hope that Kerannume will become part of the intellectual nourishment of inquisitive women and men that seek in the current state of things not means of personal escape or a privileged position in intellectual hermitages but, on the contrary, to do away with the current state of things by way of practical and radical social transformation.


∗Kerannume is an ancient Greek word. It means to mix, to mingle; it points to some sort of coalescence. Kεράννυμι can be pronounced either in the Erasmian or Reuchlinian system. In all, there is no cryptic symbolism for us found in this word. It is mellifluous enough to our ears and clear enough as a name for our purposes.
∗∗This word is not used here in reference to the term, of which it is part, that is used to describe a medical condition, but in reference to its etymological definition that means: bearing, bringing about death.